Community in a Cup: Steelhead Coffee

Steelhead Coffee is quite literally a coffee shop corner. As in, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll circle around three times trying to find it & another three times trying to find parking around the area. But, that should only prove how eager and determined we were to visit this sweet little coffee shop in the Cal Heights area of Long Beach. It’s also worth noting that it’s well-worth the 30 minute drive from us and is one of our favorite shops we visited during our Long Beach coffee crawl last week. Here’s why…

Well before we stepped foot inside Steelhead Coffee, we were perusing through its Instagram feed, salivating over the delicious-looking lattes and wondering which awesome car we’d see parked in front of it once we visited.

Fast forward to last week when we walked into the spacious coffee shop corner and received a genuine “Hey guys! How are you?” from the cheerful barista. It was the sort of hello that makes you instantly feel welcomed, like a giant bear hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. It feels like home.

After going over the menu, we decided to grab a latte and a cortado – our standard at a new place. And something that you need to know about Jay is that he’s a sucker for stickers, pins and little trinkets. Needless to say, he geeked out over the Steelhead Coffee truck sticker,  making him one happy camper!

While waiting for our drinks, we sat at a table and struck up conversations with other coffee lovers. Most people were working on their laptops, but even so, they didn’t seem too busy to sit and chat with us, the owner, or the baristas (which says a lot about the kind of environment they’ve created at Steelhead Coffee). It’s always nice to come to a coffee shop and make a new friend or two. Plus, we think we can all agree that coffee and community go hand-in-hand with each other. In fact, upon doing some research about Steelhead Coffee, we found an article from the Long Beach Post (give it a read here) that talks about how important community is to the owners, John and Rany Aguirre. They support local businesses and proudly represent the Long Beach community.

Their love for the community extends even deeper, as they prepare to open Steelcraft, “an outdoor urban eatery bringing sustainable and high quality craft food and drink to LB.” Sounds pretty awesome for a coffee shop that’s only been open for a little more than a year. It’s going to be a great space for the community to gather around, enjoy each other’s company and support local businesses, such as Long Beach Farms, Smog City Brewing and of course, Steelhead Coffee. Oh and did we mention it opens this month on October 30th? Well, it does and you should prepare accordingly because this is going to be the place to be and be seen. And can you believe it’ll also be home to Long Beach’s first ramen shop, Tajima Ramen?! You had us at ramen. *insert heart eyes emoji*

For our friends in Albuquerque, it’s going to be exactly like Green Jeans Farmery – businesses within shipping containers, a very unique concept that’s slowly making its way to various parts of the world.

Until its completion, we’ll continue to visit Steelhead’s OG location. And we know we keep on saying it’s a coffee shop corner, but make no mistake, it’s far more spacious than the pictures give it justice. The windows and tall ceilings allow for ample lighting and space, which makes for a great study or hang out spot.

And can we properly talk about the drinks for a minute? The latte is slap yo’ mama good and is best served in a coffee mug along with a good book or while catching up with a friend. You have to savor each sip and take everything in, enjoying the full experience of a latte at Steelhead Coffee. Same goes for the cortado. It comes in a unique silver cup worthy of a million pictures (pro tip: if you want to truly enjoy it, look at our pictures then take one of your own, place your phone down and enjoy)!

Trust us, in a county where you can find a cup of coffee on pretty much every corner, Steelhead Coffee is worth the trip. And if you like a business that puts their money where their mouth is, look no further than the Agguires’ coffee shop. They, like many of the coffee shops we love, believe in community and the power of a cup of coffee. It is, after all, how many couples start their love story…

Wanna grab some coffee?


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