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Hello, coffee friends! Jay and Whit here giving you a little life update. As you know (or maybe you don’t) we both more or less grew up in Southern California and when we got married two years ago (on the beach, of course), we planned to move back to buy a home and raise our future kids. Although those things aren’t in the near future (sorry mom and dad about the kiddos…one day), we are excited to let you guys know that we’ve moved back to Orange County!!!

For two years, we’ve waited patiently for God’s blessing and now we can officially let you know that it’s happened. Jay got a great opportunity to move out here and we couldn’t be happier!

You guys have probably guessed it by all the Instagram posts in California the past two weeks, but anybody who knows us, knows that this has been a long season of waiting for us. We have family out here and visit so much that it already felt like home. And every free week we had, we were coming down here to the beach. You know when you visit somewhere and you just feel like it’s home? That’s Orange County for us, so we’re pretty stoked!

We hope that you guys are just as excited because we get to show you some of our favorite spots in Orange County and LA and we also get to try out some new ones, too. But, we want your recommendations and need your help! We know Orange County pretty well, but LA is a whole new breed. We know our way around the Westside and DTLA, but we’ve never really ventured into the other pockets that make up the rest of LA County. And we’re all about connecting with people whether that be grabbing a cup of coffee, talking through social media or bouncing off blog suggestions and coffee stuff, so please feel free to contact us! We’ve met some pretty awesome people already, so thank you to those who’ve reached out!

Of course it goes without saying, but we miss our wonderful friends and family back home. You guys are some of the best people we know and you know we’ll be back to visit when we can and you’re always welcome to visit us, too!

Also, we did want to say a HUGE thank you to our coffee friends and shops in Albuquerque. You guys have been so supportive and we can’t help but gush about you guys when we’re telling people where we moved from. Albuquerque will always have a special place in our hearts and in this blog.

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Thank you to Deep Space. Oh, Deep Space. You guys were the ones who showed us a tremendous amount of love and as you can see from the featured picture, we’ll always have a piece of you with us. We’re excited to come back and visit. Also, big congrats on the Best of Burque award from the Alibi! Now, come out here and build one in DTLA or something!


Humble Coffee. You guys did it for us in Albuquerque. The first coffee shop in ABQ that reminded us of all the amazing coffee shops we’ve visited in California. We met one of our good friends (who coincidentally moved to the same part of California as us) at Humble Bash this year and for that we’re super grateful. See, coffee brings people together!! We’ll be filling up our growler and bringing some cold brew back to the beach with us.

Okay, it’s getting kinda long and too sentimental so we’ll cut them a bit short:

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 Zendo. Thanks for making a beautiful space filled with art, great people and coffee! Love love love your giants cups of heaven and can’t wait to visit and see the new art collection on the walls! Thanks for the latte art, Diego!

Trifecta Coffee Company. You guys are the coolest. We’ve spent many days enjoying a pour over and doing some writing. One of our favorite spots to people-watch and unwind after a long morning.

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Prismatic Coffee. You guys are the new kids on the block, but have definitely made a name for yourselves. You’re serious about your craft and we hope Albuquerque appreciates the gem that they have in their city!

Epiphany Coffee. You guys are the sweetest and most down to earth people! Great coffee, awesome space. Currently regretting not buying a Walter White Dias de la Muertas mug….next time!

Prosum Roasters. We’ve had your coffee at the Rail Yards, but we never had the pleasure of coming to your brick and mortar. Thank you for reaching out and inviting us to your events. We had a lot of things going on (as you know now) and will definitely try to make it in on our next visit.

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Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster. Why did we wait as long as we did to visit you? We’ll never know but we’ll come back for a pour over or a specialty latte, for sure! And maybe a bag or two of coffee to take home with us…

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35 North Coffee. The absolute best service and we think it says a lot when we visit a coffee shop twice in one day! That dirty chai is perfection. The pain au chocolat is heavenly. Thank you!

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The Brew. Another coffee shop in ABQ that we didn’t get to enjoy the full extent of since we stopped in too late. Nonetheless, it’s a friendly family-owned place that really serves up some of the best coffee we’ve had! We’d hang out on the patio and play giant Jenga all day if we could!

And a BIG, GIGANTIC thank you to our friends on Instagram and the blog! You guys are the best and we really do appreciate you for talking to us through the comments, direct messaging us and giving us suggestions on places to visit or coffee to try! We really want to continue to grow our community here on the blog and we can’t thank you guys enough for being so supportive! And if you’re ever in Southern California, reach out to us! If we can’t make it to meet you for coffee, we’d love to give you a handful of recommendations for coffee, food, things to do, etc.

Stay tuned for more interviews, cuppings and coffee adventures throughout California! As always, our mission is the same –  we’re trying to bridge the gap between specialty coffee and people who love coffee but want to learn more. We’re learning as we go, too, so by no means do we have it all figured out and even if we did, we’d still want to share it with you! We want this to be a judgement-free community that inspires you to travel, write, meet new people, and grab a good cup of coffee! Hope you guys have a great rest of your week and we’ll be seeing you on Thursday for a new blog post!

Much love,

Jay and Whit

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