No Kit-ing Around: Kit Coffee

Ever since we saw Kit Coffee’s well-curated Instagram feed, we’d been anticipating their opening and lucky for us (and you) the day finally came last week! We feel so honored to have come on the second day of their soft open and chat with the lovely owners, Jee and Eunice. These women are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and their eye for design is unlike any other, as you’ll see from the moment you walk into their doors.

Ever since we saw Kit Coffee’s well-curated Instagram feed, we’d been anticipating their opening and lucky for us (and you) the day finally came last week! We felt so honored to visit on the second day of their soft open and chat with the lovely owners, Jee and Eunice. These women are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and their eye for design is unlike any other, as you’ll see from the moment you walk into their doors.

Once you walk into Kit Coffee, remember to breathe. The entire space with its high ceilings, custom made wood pieces and greenery make it feel like you’ve just walked into a beautiful and airy loft in DTLA. Can you please decorate our house?! Kit Coffee has perfected their space into a dreamy mix of neutral colors with a pop of gold from the stools under the bar and beautiful planters of greenery throughout. The natural lighting that comes from the floor to ceiling windows makes it perfect for all those Instagram shots, too. (Trust us, even after coming here more than once, you’ll still want to take thousands of pictures of your drink and the space its in.)

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The long wooden communal seating in the middle is perfect for a group of friends hanging out or to meet some new friends, like we did (shout out to the guy eating risotto from Cafe Gratitude next door that asked us if we wanted a bite of his delicious-looking food and to Bidaar, a local coffee roaster who’s making some big moves, too…this won’t be the last time you hear about him on our blog, so stay tuned). And if you want some fresh air, you can enjoy the ocean breeze ,coming from a few miles down the road, on their large patio out front. In short, you think you’re just visiting a cool new coffee shop, but it turns into a community of people with a passion for coffee and friendship.

It’s no surprise here, but we love the vibe and atmosphere at Kit Coffee. The first time we came in, a friendly face (Jee) greeted us at the counter and told us about all the different drinks they had to offer. Since we went on day two of their soft opening, they had specials that we decided to take advantage of…you know, for research purposes.

Keep in cup

Our first drink that came out was the cortado, a perfect blend of espresso and milk. It came out on a wooden tray that begged for us to take a million pictures of it. And as we set it on the table, a guy next to us exclaimed, “Ohhh that looks really good!” And it was, my friend, it was. It’s everything you want in a cortado and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t fight over the last few sips.

Next up, we had a vanilla almond milk latte or almond milk latte with vanilla..tomato, tomahto, right? What’s so stinkin’ good about this particular vanilla latte, besides that the very talented JR made it, is that the vanilla is actually made in house, along with all the other flavors. It’s the little touches like those that make Kit Coffee stand out among the rest! Another one of their little touches is using two unique roasters, Heart Roasters and Coava Coffee, both respectively from Portland. It’s nice to see a mixture of different roasters, so newbie third wave coffee people like us can get a taste of  what other coffee roasters have to offer.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Coava Ethiopia pour over. Don’t get us wrong, we love our milk and espresso drinks along with the rest of ’em, but there’s just something about a good ‘ol pour over. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s presented to you on another aesthetically pleasing wooden tray. It was so good that Eunice came out with the notes card and talked about how hands-on Coava is from picking the right beans to training coffee shops who use their beans. Pretty darn cool and is something to be admired.

Keep in touch

Since it’s in the early stages of opening, you can find both women behind the counter, going over the final touches of the layout of the store, emptying trash and washing the dishes. The reason why we point those things out is because it shows what a labor of love this coffee shop is for them. Owning a business is great because it means you’re your own boss, but it also means setting the example for your employees and showing up to work, even if it means washing dishes. Jee and Eunice are the ultimate example of that – they’re smart, down-to-earth, approachable and personable. On the first day, they even took the time to chat with us about why they decided to start a coffee shop and tell us about their aspirations for Kit Coffee. In speaking with them, it all boils down to being able to enjoy coffee in a space that’s warm and inviting, kind of like as if you’re going to your best friend’s house. Seeing how passionate they are about their new endeavor as coffee shop owners is very inspiring. It’s hard not to be excited for them and their A Team of baristas behind them!

Keep in community

We love how community-driven they are and after your first time at Kit Coffee, you’ll realize why they named their shop, Kit – an acronym for “keep in touch” – a very clever way of reminding coffee (and tea) lovers to come back soon. Who else gets a sense of nostalgia when writing or saying K.I.T? We know that it takes us back to the anticipation of summer and writing in our classmates’ yearbooks, reminding them to keep in touch over break, along with “LYLAS!” in huge bubble letters…ahh, youth.

And the outpouring of support from the coffee community keeps on growing as each day passes;  Steelhead, Recreational, Neat, Bad Coffee….are just a few of the coffee shops that have visited Kit Coffee during their exciting soft opening. The coffee community can get a bad rap for being pretentious and unfriendly, but seeing all the love from various coffee shops throughout LA and Orange County, as well as the support from the surrounding businesses in the area, is really humbling. It goes to show that what Conan O’Brien said during his goodbye speech on The Tonight Show is true: “Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” Here at DCR, we’re firm believers of that belief and we really do wish Jee, Eunice, Daniel, JR and the rest of the staff at Kit Coffee an amazing and life changing experience while serving up some delicious drinks and tasty toasts (coming soon!) to the coffee community.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Kit Coffee in Newport Beach and we guarantee this will be your new favorite coffee shop, not only because they serve some of Portland’s finest, but because each person you interact with here is as genuine and kind as the last. Kit Coffee  also has a way of making a fairly large space feel warm and cozy, which is exactly how a coffee shop should feel. Make no mistake, Kit Coffee isn’t kit-ing around (we know, we’re so punny)…they welcome you to come inside and enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s as simple as that and just the way coffee should be experienced. Welcome to the neighborhood, Kit Coffee!

Wanna grab some coffee?

As usual, we’d love to see your pictures, so feel free to use the hashtag #dailycoffeerun or tag us in the picture so we can see what you got! And continue to follow us on our coffee adventures on here and on our Instagram!  Again, thank you for the unwavering support for something we’re passionate about. We’d love to hear about you and your passions! Let’s grab a cup of coffee soon.

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