Caffeine Trippin’: Coachella Coffee Crawl

Driving from LAX to Indio this weekend for the first weekend of Coachella and needing some good coffee? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. We have five stops for you that are sure to keep you well-caffeinated on your road trip!


Okay, so we’re jumping on the Coachella bandwagon and dedicating a post all about coffee shops you can find on your way from LAX to Indio.

First stop starts at the beach because we thought it would be a nice way to kickstart your three hour journey to the land of desert dance parties and anything goes fashion.

Since we believe that distance is never an issue when it comes to good coffee we hope you don’t mind detouring to local coffee shops and making this a bonus mini road trip within itself.

Grab your bags, your comfy shoes and let’s go!

Two Guns Espresso, Manhattan Beach

Back before we were California residents, we’d make a point to visit Two Guns, a cozy Kiwi-owned coffee shop in arguably one of the most beautiful beach cities in California. We’d navigate through the traffic from Orange County just to experience their exceptional flat white and delicious breakfast sandwich called the “Stanwich.” Although that was awhile ago, one thing is still for certain: their flat whites and Stanwich are a match made in Daily Coffee Run heaven. You need to grab both of them after a long flight of airplane food and let’s not even talk about that airplane coffee you consumed…

Bakers & Baristas, Artesia

Speaking of food, what’s a road trip without grubbin’ on really good food and good coffee? Bakers & Baristas is a great spot to get your brunch on (until 2pm) or grab some dessert, such as the infamous cereal cake (milk included). You’re going to want to relax a little here while grabbing your coffee – they have options for every coffee taste palette, so be sure to ask them (hey, Roscoe, hey) if you’re having a tough time deciding. Our choice? Chicken and waffles, bourbon caramel latte and a valrhona (sea salt) chocolate chip cookie. Sharing is optional.

In-sīt Coffee, Buena Park

We have a lot of love for Buena Park for many reasons and one of them is, In-sīt Coffee (notice the long vowel accent above the ‘i’ to pronounce it like ‘insight’), a new coffee shop within a premier multi-leveled retail space called The Source OC. For one, it’s beautiful with its eye-catching storefront; then as soon as you walk in, it’s like walking into a chic museum with its marble, a beautiful piece of art hanging on one wall and comfy leather seats. Grab an iced rose latte (made with beans from a local roaster, Stereoscope) and thank us later!

Augie’s Coffee House, Riverside

Augie’s is a wonderful story about a father and son opening up a local coffee shop together and if that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will! Sappy stuff aside, this Augie’s location (the OG one is in Redlands) is right off the 91, so it’s a perfect stop to walk around and grab a cuppa before a looooong stretch of beautiful, untouched-by-man scenery.  We suggest grabbing a shot of espresso or better yet, an espresso and tonic – two shots of espresso and tonic water!

Ernest Coffee, Palm Springs

Ahh, and after being on the open road, welcome to Palm Springs – Indio’s neighbor and where quite a few people stay during Coachella. We haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Ernest Coffee, but from our friends’ suggestions, it seems like a stellar place for a cup of coffee while you’re in the desert. And if you’re staying in town, you can try one of their “boozy board” options, like the “Wake and Quake” – a drink with bourbon, Irish cream, and cold brew drizzled with honey. It’s like the best of both worlds!

So, there you have it – our picks for your Coachella road trip from LA to Indio! For our friends coming from other parts of the country, contact us and we might have a coffee shop recommendation for you!

As for our friends going this year, feel free to tag us in your posts using #dailycoffeerun so we can live vicariously through your awesome Coachella adventures – we hear some specialty coffee shops will be vendors at the festival, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lastly, for those of us staying home this weekend, what are your plans? Whatever they may be, hopefully they involve a little bit of coffee! Let us know in the comments section and tell us about some NEW coffee shops to check out!

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    1. Oh man, so sorry to hear you’re not feeling great! We’re hosting a DTLA Coffee Crawl on Saturday smack-dab in the middle of the day, so we can’t 😦 definitely would have loved to go and hope you find someone to buy ’em! Feel better soon!


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