Caffeinated: DTLA Coffee Crawl

Last Saturday, we held our first event, a DTLA Coffee Crawl, with Matthew from Long Beach Coffee Club. Although we hit a few road blocks, we were able to host 20 of our newest friends and take them to some of our favorite DTLA coffee shops. Read on for more on our experience and some photos we are sharing from the event!

We crawled. We saw. We tasted.

This past Saturday was our first DCR event, which was a DTLA Coffee Crawl (naturally). Matthew from Long Beach Coffee Club collaborated with us and helped facilitate the crawl on one of the HOTTEST days of the year thus far.

A group of amazing people to hang out with for the day.


(We’re missing a few awesome people in the group photo, but you know who you are and we love you!)

Without you guys, it wouldn’t have been fun and we couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear knowing that YOU wanted to spend your Saturday with us! It was great connecting with so many of you that we had only spoken to through Instagram and we honestly can’t tell you enough how thankful we are to have met all of you.

James wants YOU to follow us to the next stop.


For those of you who couldn’t make it out, here’s a quick recap of our DTLA Coffee Crawl:

Whit doing a little introduction and welcoming everyone to our first group coffee crawl.

First stop, Demitasse where we learned that each shop (they have four) has a specialty drink that reflects the area that it’s in. For example, the Little Tokyo location uses clevers and siphons and the signature shop drink is an iced shiso tea (shiso is a Japanese mint).

Matthew from Long Beach Coffee Club and Emily discussing their favorite type of coffee.
Iced vanilla lattes to start us off at Demitasse.
Nathan listening intently at what Julie is saying.

Another fun tidbit was learning that each barista has their own signature drink, so if you are having trouble figuring out what to get at Demitasse, just ask the barista to make their signature drink for you! Usually that’s what we like to call “Barista’s choice” on our own Daily Coffee Run crawls! 😉 Trust us, it’s fun having them pick a drink for you.

Dor, a barista at Demitasse, was awesome!
Kyoto brewed iced coffee
Paul giving us the details on what makes Demitasse stand out.

While there, everyone got a mixture of drinks to try from the iced minty cubano to an iced Kyoto to Demitasse’s various teas. For a real treat, we heard from a few people that work at Demitasse, such as Paul in sales (who joined us on our crawl) and Dor, one of their awesome baristas.

Rollin’ deep to our next stop.

Next stop and rollin’ about 23 people deep with Whit leading the pack (BTW, how did that happen?!), we headed to Lazy Brewing Company. It’s one of our personal favorites and one that we heard a lot of our new friends say they enjoyed, too! So, if you haven’t been, you need to go pronto.

Snow brews and organic vanilla agave brews for everyone.
Steve taking his first sip of the good stuff.

Our group was able to try their signature cold brew drinks – the “Snow Brew” and the organic vanilla agave brew. The uniqueness of the “Snow Brew” is that it’s a cold brew with cream on top, which is a delicious treat on a hot summer day. The vanilla agave cold brew has a subtle sweet flavor to it that we all enjoyed, too.

​True to its namesake, Lazy Brew (as we like to call it) is where everyone was able to just kick back and relax with each other.  It was during a quiet time so our group was able to sprawl out in the different areas of the shop, as you can see in this video we took above. It’s a beautiful thing to witness strangers laughing and talking to one another and it’ll be a memory that we have ingrained in our minds for a long time.

We all couldn’t resist taking photos in Blue Bottle, Bradbury Building.

After everyone enjoyed their drinks at Lazy Brew, it was time to make the trek to Blue Bottle in the Bradbury Building. Here’s where things got a little interesting…it was Earth Day in downtown LA and tons of people were protesting various things. It had something to do with science and politics and let’s just be honest here, we were too much into our own event to really care. All that we knew was, boy, it was PACKED in Blue Bottle – line out the door packed – and they were expecting us!

Micah posing with a Blue Bottle flight
Belle from Yonder Coffee getting thirsty.
A coffee lover’s dream.

Blue Bottle was generous enough to do a little introduction for us (thanks Sarah!) and give us a round of free drinks while marveling at the beautiful interior. This wasn’t our first time here, but it’s absolutely breathtaking walking in and seeing the exposed brick, large pillars and wall-filled bookshelf. We drank a mixture of drinks from the New Orleans iced coffee, Cascara tea (tea used from the coffee cherries) and a flight which consisted of a single-origin coffee, the New Orleans iced coffee and another type of iced coffee (forgive us, but we forgot).

Each shop was a hit and we can’t thank our friends enough for sticking around through all the madness of DTLA on a Saturday!

The power of social media.

The biggest thing that we hope everyone who joined us took out of this event is that coffee is the foundation for a lot of great memories and new friendships. We love being able to connect with people through something as simple as coffee and we really enjoyed meeting every single one of you! Wish we were able to talk to each of you a little bit more, but that’s for next time.

Let’s be honest…

And now this is where we’re going to be real with you guys because that’s how we do here at DCR, although we rarely like to write “blog-style.” After a series of unfortunate events leading up to our DTLA Coffee Crawl (that had been planned for a little over a month) which included one shop having a delay in remodeling which forced them to cancel and another shop completely closing its doors (you have no idea how sad this made us for them), as well as, a barista getting sick and a mixture of miscommunication…we made it.

NOTHING, absolutely nothing, went as planned and honestly we felt super defeated about the whole thing, but by the end of it, we were so happy we didn’t cancel.

We can honestly say that it was a HUGE lesson and we are humbled by everything that occurred. The nerves of “wasting people’s time” really weighed heavily on all three of us, but then we realized that, wait, we all signed up for this event because we all crave human connection. Coffee was just secondary in our eyes.

We’ve also realized that the enemy is going to try to break you and whisper in your ear that you’re going to fail. But, don’t listen because he’s a liar. Plus, you can’t be afraid to fail or you’ll never see the beauty on the other side of that fear.

All of this motivational talk to say, we made some amazing new friends, we learned a lot about ourselves and about who we are as a brand and had an incredible time doing what we do best – hanging out at coffee shops with our friends!

Again, thank you guys for constantly talking to us through social media, hanging out with us in real life and making this a community of people who strive to be kind to one another and support each other. It was so cool to connect the dots with people and hear some incredible stories (you guys are all so incredibly talented), so be on the lookout for our next group coffee crawl! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Caffeinated: DTLA Coffee Crawl

  1. Demitasse has to be my favorite cafe in LA! So glad more and more people are enjoying their unique drinks.


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