Hello fellow coffee enthusiasts, we’re James and Whit – a young(ish), married couple who fell in love over a cup of coffee back in 2013. Isn’t it great how something as magical as love can start over a cup of coffee?

Daily Coffee Run is a journal focused on connecting people through travel and a good cup of coffee. We started this journal because we realized that no matter where we were, we loved hunting down a good coffee shop (or two…or three…) and striking up conversations with fellow coffee enthusiasts and baristas, alike! We felt inspired to learn more about where each bean came from, why people were so passionate about their coffee and why people (just like us) love hanging out at coffee shops!

Get to know us…

Whit’s background in journalism is what sparked her interest in creating a space showcasing the wonderful people of coffee. Admittedly, she can be a bit shy, but once she comes out of her shell, she’ll talk your ear off. She loves listening to people (everybody has an awesome story) and you can find her smiling/enjoying a cortado while writing in her journal and listening to the buzz of a coffee shop.

James is the fun-loving and outgoing creative director of the duo. You’ll find him with no less than three cameras on him at all times. He finds the beauty in everyday moments and will travel a long distance for a good cup of coffee. It should be noted that he enjoys a nice cup of Ethiopia (or two) to keep the creative juices flowing and he once had 10 shots of espresso and fell asleep an hour later.

Now that you’ve read a little about us, this is why you should stay:

We want this to be a space where the average joe (see what we did there?) can come and learn about different ways of brewing coffee (something we’re still learning/experimenting with ourselves), explore new coffee shops in their area and build a community around coffee with us. Most importantly, we want Daily Coffee Run to be a judgement-free zone for people who love coffee, love hanging out at coffee shops and, most importantly, love people.

We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes coffee shops can be intimidating and menus can seem confusing (ironically enough, the simple ones can be the scariest) if you don’t know the coffee lingo; but that’s why we’re here – all of us, as a community – learning together and bonding over something as simple as a cup of coffee.

Something we hope you take away from our journal and getting to know us is that we don’t have any ulterior motives, besides wanting to get to know you. We love being true to ourselves and love meeting authentic people who understand that none of us have it all figured out. THAT’S REAL! So, if that seems interesting to you, please stay awhile, reach out to us and let’s get to know each other!

Simply put, this journal is for those who share the same passion for coffee, travel and friendship as we do! We hope that you’ll come along with us as we grow, share some recommendations (we’re always looking for new coffee shops to explore) and most importantly, we hope you will break barriers with us and make this space inviting and fun with us!

We’re always down to meet up for coffee, so let’s grab a cup soon!

xx, James and Whit