Milk & Honey

Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing one another in love.

Ephesians 4:2

We believe that everybody deserves the chance to be filled with an abundance of love ( and coffee). Our platform is simply a coffee blog, but that’s just the start of the conversation. We also want this space to be a reflection of who we are. So, who are we? We are Christians, but don’t for one second think we have it all together. We’re imperfect. We don’t always say the right things and we make mistakes, just like everybody else. But, in everything that we do, we keep God at the center of it – our marriage, our finances, our jobs, our friendships, our day-to-day interactions with people, our coffee business venture…the list goes on and on.

People need a little more kindness and love in this world and we are determined to live our lives with the intention to show love, compassion, and sense of community as well as, delve into the depths of people’s hearts and be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. That is all we’re wanting to spread and whether you’re a believer or not, we think you can agree with us on that one simple message – love one another.

So, why Milk & Honey? Besides it seeming like a very appropriate name for a coffee blog, it’s also a verse that brings us a certain peace and reassurance to keep on fighting the good fight!

“He brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey…” (Deuteronomy 26:9)

Doesn’t that verse paint a beautiful picture in your head?! Words like serenity, joy, love, happiness come to mind when we read it. Perhaps you feel the same way or maybe you dissect that verse differently, which is a great segue into our new series. We’ve started a weekly discussion with an emphasis on a specific topic that you can discuss with your friends and family (possibly over a cup of coffee or two or at your favorite coffee shop)! Think of it as a weekly Bible study or Word to meditate on throughout the week.

And we want to welcome everybody, so feel free to ask questions and reach out to us. We get that some people will have questions and that’s totally cool. Ask away! We are still learning and growing with our own walks with God, as well. With that being said, this is a judgement-free zone and any type of hatefulness will not be tolerated. There’s already so much hate and evil in the world, but we like to remind ourselves of this verse, “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs” (Proverbs 10:12). In other words, hate is strong, but love is stronger. Be kind. Love people. Such a simple concept, right? And if you’ve just come here for coffee and this isn’t your cup of tea (we’re so punny, we know), then that’s okay, too!

Trust us when we say that we’ve had many discussions with each other about how we wanted to approach our blog, but it didn’t seem fair to not tell you guys about such an important part of our lives! We never want to put up a front or not be authentic with you guys, so we really hope you understand and still want to follow along with us, even if we don’t believe the same things!

Something that you should know about us is that we’re INCLUSIVE, NOT EXCLUSIVE. We live our lives that way and anybody who knows us will tell you that we’ve met some of our greatest friends while waiting in line at a restaurant, at coffee shops and while picking up our mail at the Post Office. So, if you’re not used to random people talking to you, then you’re probably going to think we’re a tad weird haha (#sorrynotsorry).

All of that to say, we’re excited for you guys to get to know us a little bit better, but most importantly, we’re excited to see where this takes us and who we meet along the way! We have one goal in mind: starting a discussion and building a community of people through coffee. So, if you’d like to follow along, check back every Monday under “Weekly Devotions” in our Milk & Honey tab!


James & Whit